Quality toolwatch: Sinn 756 DIAPAL

I’m going to go out on a limb and say, that if you’re not “into” watches, you’ve probably never heard of the watchmaker Sinn. Maybe you are into watches but also haven’t heard about them. That’s ok, just keep reading.

If you’re interested in the complete history of the company, I’d recommend visiting their website. My interest in the German watch maker is based on wanting a “non bling” tool watch for everyday use. The Sinn 756 Duochronograph with DIAPAL.

The mechanical movement used for the 756 chrongraph is the rock solid Valjoux 7750 GMT with a second time zone on a 12-hour basis and a date display at 4 o’clock. Features of the watch include Magnetic Field Protection (up to 80.000 A/m), an AR-Dehumidifying capsule (copper sulphate capsule which reacts with moisture to diffuse and absorb humidity in the watch), TEGIMENT technology (a hardening process of the case, increasing scratch resistance), it is functionally reliable from -45°C to 80°C and pressure resistant up to 20bar.

What is special about this instrument chronograph is the DIAPAL Technology. First developed by SINN in 2001, it is now in successful practical use. The starting point for Sinn’s considerations was the critical feature of every mechanical watch: the aging of the oil, particularly around the Swiss anchor escapement, can create long term problems on the accuracy of the movement. Theoretically, it was only a small step from the analysis to the solution: if you don’t use oil, it can’t age. The process began by exchanging the ruby escapements for diamonds (the word “DIAPAL” derives from the German name for diamond escapements, “Diamantpaletten”) in order to achieve the desired effect. The designation stuck, even though today Sinn works with solutions taken from advanced nanotechnology rather than diamonds.
The result is a movement that proves so reliable that Sinn offers an unprecedented five year warranty on their DIAPAL watches. The technology is documented by the DIAPAL logo on the dial.
The watch has a satin-brushed stainless steel case with solid back. The case back is nickel free offering protection from possible allergic reactions. It sports a charcoal grey electroplated dial with black sub-dials, Arabic numerals and the offset date display at 4. The number 12, hour and minute hands are coated with luminescent colour. The design and layout of this watch make it extremely easy to read in virtually all light conditions.
All of Sinn’s watches are available to buy directly from their website. Go there to check configurations and pricing.
If you’re looking for an every day wearer, this watch ticks a lot of the boxes. (mine at least).


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