BMX revival

In the summer of 1982 I got my first BMX bike. My Grandfather worked at Raleigh Nottingham as a Line Manager, so bike wise I was sorted. It was a Raleigh Burner. Red with yellow tires and protection (yes Mum, I’ll keep them on). The handlebars were black with foam grips (like a sponge). It had a rear reflector that got removed asap and reflecting pedals.
I remember the feeling this bike gave me. Tough, cool, rebellious. I could do tricks (a meager Wheelie and a very small Bunny Hop), even escaping the bad guys with this bike was possible, as Eliot and his gang showed us in E.T.
Now, at 43 years of age, I want another one. (who doesn’t want to fly?) The plan is to get my boys a BMX each. Then, OBVIOUSLY, I’ll have to get one too…


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