“I want” … didn’t get

I saw one of these the other day (pic from the internet) and it reminded me of the first time I really wanted something. I started an apprenticeship at BMW Munich in 1991. I was 17 years old. Every morning my Dad would give me a lift on his way to work. On this daily journey at daft o’clock in the morning we passed a used car sales lot. Front and center on the court was a red 1972 Triumph TR6. It was magnificent, absolutely wonderful. I could picture myself, roof down, cruising the hip avenues with onlookers melting with jealousy (the guys) and awe (the girls). We never stopped at this car lot, I never actually got closer to the car, my car, than about 15 meters. Still, I knew I HAD to have it even though I wouldn’t have a license for another year, even though I had nowhere near the cash the dealer was asking for. It was mine. After a whole year of lusting after this gorgeous little car every time I was driven past, we had to take a different route due to roadworks that lasted 3-4 months. When the road reopened, to my horror, the car of my dreams had gone. Not just the car, the dealer had closed and vanished. By this time I had a license and even a few hundred notes (not enough, but a few none the less). It took a long time to get over that car and every time I see one…. I kinda want one, you know?

Realistically I was never going to buy that car at that time, but the connection I had with it is something that I still think about and smile at.

Want -> can’t have -> fantasize about -> repeat.
This still happens to me now. Oh well, what can you do? 😉


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