Luxury, a new perspective

The picture above is from the Rolls Royce website. I don‘t know about you, but I was kind of surprised by this. OK, I admit, I’ve never actually sat back and thought about what the Rolls Royce website should look like but I probably wouldn’t have thought like this. Obviously they have a massive PR department, marketing experts and quite a large budget. And, according to said experts, this is what a Luxury car manufacturer thinks it’s website, it‘s showroom to the world, should look like. This is what Rolls Royce thinks will capture the eye of prospective buyers. Gone are the days of understated elegance, subtle British beauty and “old money”.

I work in the car business, so I asked around and got some interesting feedback. (yes, the following numbers are word of mouth and not confirmed by the BMW Group… but I bet they‘re not a million miles away either)

  • The most important market for Roll Royce currently is China
  • Average age of a Rolls Royce buyer is 23
  • The buyer will have an average of eleven cars in his/her garage
  • Extravagant interior and exterior colours are a must
  • The buyer will more likely pay cash and does not want to wait.

After hearing this, the website and how Rolls Royce are marekting themselves makes perfect sense. The young guy lounging in the drivers seat with shades, stubble and what appears to be an AP Royal Oak Offshore Chrono on his wrist is the customer Rolls Royce are now going for. Let’s be honest, the english gentleman who has always driven (or been driven in) a Rolls is going to stay loyal anyway. It’s the new kids on the block they’re after now.

And you can tell.


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