I left social media…

…well, Isaac Simpson did and he wrote about it on Medium here.

People need other people to validate them, to reassure them that their thoughts and feelings are correct.

I haven’t logged into Facebook for almost a year. I only post infrequently on Instagram. The only “social” channel I still use frequently is Twitter and that’s mostly just to be astounded at the state of things around the world (and Susie Dent).
I’ve stopped caring what vague acquaintances are doing let alone what they think of my stuff. I’ve stopped checking in on people I don’t know out of habit – because let’s face it, a lot of celebrity posts are dross ( and I use the word celebrity in the broadest possible sense). I’ve stopped focusing on followers and likes. I take what I need and want from it all. I’ve started to use minimal social media how I want to use it and not like “IT” wants me to or how other people use it.

It works quite well.

Disclosure: I keep my eye on important stuff. Just discretely, randomly and when I want to.

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