wake up and…

  • stretch
  • scratch
  • rub

(not necessarily in that order)



Electric cross country

Alex Roy drove the Tesla Model 3 across the USA and wrote a great review about it here.

I think electric cars are coming and they’re coming fast. The car industry as it is now will be very different in 5 – 10 years.

Too much thinking

You know when you’re looking forward to something and it’s there in your mind? Never far away from the surface, always popping up (sometimes at the most inopportune moments). This happens to me quite a lot. Somethings I just really look forward to and sometimes, I start thinking about it too much. In my little head I keep “at it”. Thinking of details, scenarios, possibilities. Because for me, the anticipation plays a big part. And the more “complex” the anticipation, the more possibilities there are, so the more there is to think about.

Of course, this is totally fine. I can still function, do my work and carry out my responsibilities. What I do forget though, is that other people haven’t been “at it”. They haven’t been thinking about all the stuff that I have. So, of course, the discrepancy between my state of mind and someone else’s is way off. And this, sometimes, leads to awkward moments when realisation hits.

After a while, I do come to my senses and try to dial it back. And it works… for a time anyway.