You can only win, if someone else loses. By that deduction, you are constantly comparing yourself to someone else.

Why not try to be happy regardless of others? (Hint: it kinda works)


Find out what websites know about you

Go and visit Webkay. You can see what any website you visit knows about you. Location, the device you’re using, your IP address, social media accounts you’re logged in to, etc. It also handily tells you how to plug these information leaks by using various services.

Oh and by the way, they ARE using this info. Don’t think for a minute that they aren’t.

Be aware

Great piece by Rene Ritchie at iMore.
Context: Apple’s ML (machine learning) is being questioned about personal data  security and theoretical scenarios.

Are people clear about this though?

[…] Smart spyware would try to convince you to give it all your photos right up front. That way it wouldn’t be limited to preconceived models or be at risk of removal or restriction. It would simply harvest all your data and then run whatever server-side ML it wanted to, whenever it wanted to. [me: Apple’s ML doesn’t]

That’s the way Google, Facebook, Instagram, and similar photo services that run targeted ads against those services already work.

Brain work

I’m getting old. I make a noise when I sit down and when I get back up again. I like to think of myself as “fit-ish” but if I really take myself to task, I’m not. Also, my brain is (obviously) getting old. I haven’t noticed any performance drops yet (are they noticeable though?) so I thought I’d at least give it something to work at every now and again.

Do you remember the Nintendo DS game Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training. How old is your brain?

provides simple mathematics, reading aloud, and other exercises, offering the best in brain training that is also fun to play every day.

I got a DS just for that game.

Well in that vein, I’m trying out both Peak and Elevate brain-training apps. I’ve only just started and can’t say which I prefer yet. While Elevate has more challenging writing and math exercises that actually teach you as you go, Peak’s problem solving puzzles are addictive, and you feel like patting yourself on the back after solving them. Here’s a good comparison review (appadvice July 2015)
And let’s be honest, why not grow your “brain map” while tending to business?